Wie behebt man Computerprobleme? Vorschläge aus einer Apple-spezifischen Mailingliste:

  • one time i just gave it a good swat with the palm of my hand and it corrected itself, but i don’t know if anyone else in the loop will recommend that… i’m not sure of apple’s policy on this.

  • I will personally recommend whacking your equipment whenever it malfunctions!

  • As we say in certain parts of England, “When in doubt, give it a clout.”

  • (obscure reference to bad movie) This is how we fix things on the Russian space station!

  • yeah, one time i threw my G5 Dual 2.0 GHz down my stairs and now the Fan is working again. Unfortunatly all the time on highspeed ;-)

  • i still say hitting it is the way to go ;)

  • Actually that was Apple’s recommend solution to a different problem on the early eMacs (or maybe the CRT imacs). At one point there was a problem where the wires that created the electric field gradient that propelled the electrons to strike the phosphors… The symptoms were something like dark vertical lines in the image. Giving your system a good swat would shake the wires apart.
    I don’t think that is the case for this one though.